Cavidi - Helping patients get earlier diagnosis

Helping patients get earlier diagnosis

Cavidi is a diagnostics company based in Uppsala Sweden. Our technologies position Cavidi in the forefront for decades to come in precision biomarkers for disease areas where high sensitivity and precision is key. We draw on our over 30 years of experience and expertise on Reverse-Transcriptase based immunoassays.

Measuring low abundance of biomolecules, including proteins and nucleic acids, remains a critical challenge in many clinical diagnostic applications due to insufficient sensitivity. While some clinical diagnostic measurement methods have made significant advances in sensitivity, there are still many potential disease biomarkers that exist in accessible biofluids at levels below the detection limits of these techniques.

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High sensitivity RT assays for breakthrough virus research.


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Some of our awardsSome of our awards
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Introducing ZIVA™

Viral load monitoring is an essential part of HIV treatment, but until now it has been difficult to administer in near-patient settings. ZIVA™ changes that. 

ZIVA™ is a medium throughput, fully-automated viral load monitoring system purpose-built to meet the requirements of decentralized labs like those in district hospitals. 

How retroviruses work and why they are so challenging​

Retroviruses are especially dangerous as they permanently disfigure the host cell’s DNA. HIV is also distinctive in that it targets T cells – the cells that run your immune system. This cripples a body’s defenses and leaves it unable to recover from infection.