Cavidi - Helping HIV patients get the best treatment

Helping virus patients get the best treatment

Cavidi’s patented technology enables efficient management of antiretroviral drugs where it is most needed. Soon to launch ZIVA™ – our greatest innovation ever.

We are experts in virus monitoring with over 30 years of experience on the front line of the HIV pandemic. We focus on clinical diagnostics for viral monitoring to slow infectivity and quantify viral fitness used in research. Virus monitoring is an essential tool in viral pandemic wars past, present, and future.


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Leading supplier of viral load for HIV monitoring

Our products enable efficient management of anti-HIV drugs (ARV therapy) so that people living with HIV can live a normal lifespan. Cavidi also provides tools and kits for virus research to many of the world’s leading labs.

Our products

Clinical products

Near-patient HIV Viral Load Monitoring.


Research products

High sensitivity RT assays for breakthrough virus research.


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Introducing ZIVA™

Viral load monitoring is an essential part of HIV treatment, but until now it has been difficult to administer in near-patient settings. ZIVA™ changes that. 

ZIVA™ is a medium throughput, fully-automated viral load monitoring system purpose-built to meet the requirements of decentralized labs like those in district hospitals. 

How retroviruses work and why they are so challenging​

Retroviruses are especially dangerous as they permanently disfigure the host cell’s DNA. HIV is also distinctive in that it targets T cells – the cells that run your immune system. This cripples a body’s defenses and leaves it unable to recover from infection.