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A new game-changing signal amplifier in the lab.Translates to new hope in the clinic.

Introducing Exazym®

A history of innovation, access, and empathy

How we started
In 1984 two determined virologists from Uppsala University founded Cavidi to make disease diagnostics and monitoring more accessible globally.

Their work began with the search for novel biomarkers for HIV. This led to the world’s first viral load monitoring kit that provided the accuracy of PCR without the expense, expertise, or equipment.

Discovery through adversity
Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, our virologists saw the need for an easily deployed yet highly accurate diagnostic test. This work led to the discovery of BOLD (binding oligo ladder detection) — a novel immunoassay signal booster that can be used to increase the sensitivity of virtually any type of immunoassay by a factor of up to 100 times. Branded Exazym®, it was successfully trialed on the SARS-CoV-2 virus and now is being tested on a number of challenging biomarkers.

Biomarker breakthrough
Exazym® is a game-changer in biomarker detection. It makes highly reliable, incredibly sensitive detection accessible to all researchers and clinicians globally, requiring no specialized equipment or training. In the lab this will help translational researchers and drug development teams get to market sooner with life-saving innovations. In the clinic, Exazym® will directly improve patient outcomes through much earlier detection and diagnosis of disease than current methods permit.

Patent published December 1, 2022
The unique technology behind Exazym® is fully patented. PCT WO 2022/250596 A1. Priority date May 19, 2022.

Global commitment
Cavidi’s head office is in Uppsala, Sweden, and we have sales offices in South Africa and the US. Our customers include hospitals, patient clinics, private laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, and research institutions worldwide.


A world where all people have equal access to quality healthcare.


Ensure equal access to essential diagnostic and monitoring tests for all people globally.


Enable essential research, diagnostic, and monitoring tests to be run in any lab anywhere.

Detection democratized

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Quality diagnostics and monitoring are foundational for good health. However, all too often the “gold standard” test is too expensive or complicated for many clinics and patients.

For diagnostic and monitoring tools, the term “gold standard” has become a myopic accolade. It rightly celebrates the technical accuracy of the test but completely ignores access. What many see as a “gold standard” Cavidi sees as a starting point. Until a test has achieved both high accuracy and high access, it gets bronze in our book.

Cavidi develops innovative solutions for translational researchers and clinics. Our work helps them provide patients with greater access to accurate diagnostics and monitoring. Our latest breakthrough is Exazym® — a game-changer in biomarker detection. It makes highly reliable, incredibly sensitive immunoassay signal amplification accessible to all researchers and clinicians globally.

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Cavidi Leadership

John Reisky de Dubnic CHAIRMAN & CEO

12 years with Cavidi. Extensive sales and service experience in international markets with UTC, Volvo, ABB, and Schneider Electric. Proven track record with go-to-market strategies and business development for new disruptive technologies across multiple industries and geographies. B.S. Engr., MBA University of Virginia.

Johanna Magnusson VP, OPERATIONS

14 years leadership experiences within supply chain and QA in Biotech industry. Responsible for build up of a new USD 30M manufacturing plant and start-up of protein production. Worked closely with R&D and product management in many roles at GEHC, mostly with NPI and quality. M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering.


Joined Cavidi in 2020 after 20+ years in leading positions in the Pharma industry. Strong scientific background and extensive experience in heading up research teams at international companies such as Eli Lilly and AstraZeneca, and recently, also with startups and biotech companies.


Trained accountant and generalist manager with 30 years’ business experience including Communications Manager in the insurance industry, Brand Director for Nordea Bank, Sales and Marketing for an IT consultancy, and most recently, 8 years as a Management Consultant.


More than 30 years of C-suite and consulting experience. Proven track record of making growth happen in the life science, material science, clean tech, and consumer product industries. Skill set built through 10 years in management in large corporations (Monsanto, P&G), 15 years in consulting (McKinsey, Technology Pathfinders, and now Business Model Innovations, LLC), and 10 years as CEO of three science-based start-ups (Mendel, Acumen, and Kinestral).

Clas Källander BOARD MEMBER

Co-founded Cavidi Tech AB in 1984. Served as Cavidi’s Director of R&D for 12 years and for 10 years on Cavidi board of directors, having previously served on Cavidi Tech AB’s board. Chairs the Cavidi Scientific Advisory Committee. Associate Professor of Medical Virology at Uppsala University. Author of over 60 published research papers.

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