Exazym® Immunoassay Signal Amplification Kits

Cavidi offers a range of Exazym® reagents and kits for convenient and fast integration of BOLD into new or already existing immunoassays. Our BOLD technology requires no specialized equipment and is applicable to most immunoassays. Whether you're using common colorimetric, fluorescence, or chemiluminescent detection, Exazym® seamlessly integrates with existing plate readers and analyzers. The amplification step is fast and can be performed at room temperature or up to 37°C.

How Exazym® Kits are Used

The products are designed in a modular fashion to accommodate the needs of academic and industrial research groups as well as immunoassay kit producers. Each kit is available in two sizes.

Exazym® ClickChem Conjugation Kit provides all reagents needed to attach the oligo-dT primer to the secondary antibody.

Exazym® Polymerase Reaction Kit contains the reagents and buffers needed, as well as the protocol to perform the polymerization reaction.

Exazym® Biotin Detection Kit provides everything you need for detection.

As a first-time user of Exazym®, you will need all three kits. Once you begin using Exazym, you will use the kits at different rates. We supply them as three separate kits in two plate sizes to give you flexibility. For bulk orders, please contact Cavidi’s Customer service team.

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