HS-Mg RT Activity kit​ - Cavidi

HS-Mg RT Activity kit​

Ultrasensitive RT assay

Optimized for Mn2+- dependent retroviruses:
  • Mouse Mammary Tumour Virus (MMTV)
  • HERV-K1

Key Features:

Based on a highly sensitive, non-radioactive ELISA-technique using 96-well microtiter plate format (2 plates included in the kit)

Measuring range:

0.5 to 500 pg RT/ml

The kit can be used for detection and quantification of retroviruses such as Mouse Mammary Tumour Virus (MMTV) and HERV-K1, a human endogenous retrovirus. The measuring range of the assay is 0.5 to 500 pg RT/ml.

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