New Exazym® - Cavidi

Exazym® for ultra-sensitive detection of clinical biomarkers in immunodiagnostics

New Platform Technology for immunoassays

Cavidi has developed Exazym®, a technology that can increase the performance of existing validated immunoassays to achieve down to attomolar (10-18) limits of detection using conventional immuno-analyzers.  It is a simple added step applicable for all detection systems and cost-effective compared to assays requiring expensive instruments and consumables.

Exazym® is based on Cavidi´s PolyBISA technology. POLYmerase Boosted ImmunoSorbent Assay – PolyBISA in short.

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Exazym® – allows much lower detection limits

Exazym® technology is aimed at applications in a majority of therapeutic areas, including oncology, neurology, cardiology, inflammation, and infectious disease. In short, you can use Exazym® in immunoassays and get ultra-sensitivity without the high cost of dedicated instrumentation.


To showcase of the potential utility of Exazym®, we have demonstrated its ability to measure human anti-spike IgG antibodies, a biomarker for Sars-Cov-2 in serum samples. With its significantly enhanced sensitivity and simplicity, Exazym® can pave the way toward the discovery of new biomarkers for early disease diagnosis and improved health outcomes.

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