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Introducing Exazym®
immunoassay signal amplification

Both researchers and clinical decision-makers rely on immunoassays for the precise detection of biomarkers. When test samples contain abundant concentrations of analyte the process is relatively straightforward. However, the ability to detect biomarkers in low concentrations and distinguish them from background noise has been a limiting factor for all immunoassays.

Exazym® (patent pending) addresses this problem by allowing researchers and clinicians to reliably detect biomarkers in extremely low concentrations. Unlike other signal amplification methods, Exazym® is an add-on reagent that can be used with any existing immunoassay to dramatically lower the limit of detection without the need for expensive equipment or proprietary processes.

The BOLD science behind Exazym®

Binding Oligo Ladder Detection (BOLD)

Exazym® is an add-on reagent licensed to immunoassay kit producers. It is based on a new detection method called Binding Oligo Ladder Detection, or BOLD for short. A primer conjugated to the detection antibody works with polymerase to create a long ladder of DNA to which secondary antibodies with reporter molecules selectively bind. This is how BOLD is able to amplify immunoassay signals by up to 100 times using established science. BOLD technology is broadly applicable for immunoassays and independent of instrument platforms. The extra amplification step can be performed both in room and higher temperatures. The low temperature aspect allows applying BOLD for temperature sensitive ligands and antibodies.

Amplifies signal 10-100 times - Low background - Works with any immunoassay

Transforming translational research

Translational research serves as the vital link between scientific breakthroughs and real-world clinical diagnostics, treatments, and cures. Any significant advance in this field is a win for humanity.

That is why we are so excited about the promise that Exazym holds for translational research globally. Once adopted by kit producers, our BOLD (Binding Oligo Ladder Detection) technology will put cutting-edge immunoassay sensitivity within every researcher’s grasp.

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How to try Exazym®

Currently, Exazym® is available through licensing agreements with kit providers globally. Does your kit provider offer Exazym®? If not, use the request tool below to send them a quick email and find out when it will be available.

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How to use Exazym®

Exazym® works on all types of immunoassays. We work with each kit producer to optimize Exazym® for their immunoassay. When working with an Exazym®-enhanced immunoassay in the lab, you follow your normal process with one additional step. Below is an example using a sandwich ELISA for illustration.

Learn more about Exazym® and BOLD

Download our new White Paper for:

  • Our latest results with human anti-spike IgG antibodies in serum samples and spike-antigen assessment (both key biomarkers related to Sars-Cov-2)
  • The science behind our patented BOLD signal amplification technology
  • Details on how you can get started with Exazym®
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