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A Breakthrough in Precision Health: watch the Exazym® story

We just completed our first explainer video for Exazym. Take a look and give us your feedback.


Introducing Exazym® from Cavidi. Many potential biomarkers exist at levels below the detection limits of current immunoassays, posing challenges across dozens of medical specialties.

Several promising ultra-sensitive amplification technologies have been introduced recently, but they all require specialized instrumentation, software, and new protocols. This increases costs and logistical complexities that hinder widespread adoption.

Exazym® overcomes these challenges with attomole-level detection using standard ELISA workflows and equipment. This is a game-changing breakthrough in precision health.

Simply adding Exazym® to existing immunoassays provides up to 100 times signal amplification gains and 50 times lower limit of detection. Exazym® is based on a new detection method called Binding Oligo Ladder Detection or BOLD for short. This new amplification technology is ideally suited for detecting low-abundance biomarkers. Here’s how it works.

You start with the same routine you would follow for any immunoassay:  Immobilizing the capture antibody to the immunoassay surface and blocking non-specific sites. After that, the analyte sample is added. Next, you add the detector antibody conjugated with the Exazym® primer. Then you add the Exazym® reagent to create a DNA/RNA hybrid strand. This serves as our ladder.

When you add the tertiary antibodies conjugated with a reporter molecule, they selectively bind to the ladder. The last step before reading the plate is to add the detection substrate. This makes the entire strand detectable. This is how BOLD is able to amplify immunoassay signals up to 100 times. This extra amplification step can be performed between 20 and 37°C, making BOLD ideally suited for temperature-sensitive ligands and antibodies.

Our goal with Exazym® is to provide best-in-class sensitivity without commitment to locked-in systems. That’s why we designed Exazym® as an add-on immunoassay reagent kit that requires no additional specialized equipment and can be easily added to existing immunoassay workflows.

The “Plug-and-Play” design makes it quick and easy to get started with Exazym.® Our add-on reagent kits are compatible with previously optimized antibody pairs, standard laboratory equipment, and established testing protocols.

Whether you’re using colorimetric, fluorescence, or chemiluminescent immunoassays, Exazym® seamlessly integrates with existing plate readers and analyzers.

This ensures rapid implementation without assay modification, extensive revalidation, or new capital equipment.

Plus, Cavidi’s experienced Support Team (support@cavidi.se) is on hand to assist you with any questions, drawing on over 30 years of expertise in biomarker detection.

Try Exazym® and see what you’re missing.