Breakthrough in the detection of low-abundance biomarkers

How the technology behind Exazym® is redefining immunoassay signal amplification.

The inability to accurately detect and monitor low-abundance biomarkers not only impedes early disease diagnosis but also stifles drug discovery pipelines, hinders the optimization of treatment regimens, and obstructs a deeper understanding of disease mechanisms and progression. Until now, achieving the highest sensitivity has required specialized instrumentation and workflows. This limits access by elevating costs and introducing logistical complexities that hinder adoption on a large scale.

BOLD: A new era in biomarker detection

Exazym® represents a game-changing development in ultra-sensitive immunoassay amplification. Based on our proprietary Binding Oligo Ladder Detection (BOLD) technology, Exazym® delivers attomole-level detection of low-abundance biomarkers using standard ELISA workflows.

This capability is not just an improvement; it’s a transformation—enabling profound advancements in drug development, early disease detection, and precision medicine.

How BOLD works

At the heart of Exazym® is BOLD (Binding Oligo Ladder Detection), a new detection technology based on well-established science. A primer conjugated to the secondary antibody works with polymerase to create a long ladder of poly BrdU:rA hybrid strand to which tertiary antibodies with reporter molecules selectively bind. This is how BOLD amplifies immunoassay signals by up to 100 times. The technology is broadly applicable for immunoassays and independent of instrument platforms. The amplification step works at ambient temperature or at 37°C. 

BOLD vs Traditional Immunoassays


Practical and accessible

Our add-on reagent kits are compatible with previously optimized antibody pairs, standard laboratory equipment, and established testing protocols. Whether you’re using common colorimetric, fluorescence, or chemiluminescent immunoassays, Exazym® seamlessly integrates with existing plate readers and analyzers. This ensures rapid implementation ‘‘out of the box,’’ without assay modification, extensive revalidation, or new capital equipment. Plus, Cavidi’s experienced Support Team is on hand to assist you with any questions, drawing on over 30 years of expertise in biomarker detection. 

With Exazym®, researchers now have a more accessible option to gain reliable data well below the Limit of Detection/Limit of Quantification (LOD/LOQ) of conventional immunoassays. It is so easy and inexpensive to implement that it puts highly reliable immunoassay amplification within reach of every researcher on Earth. See for yourself and spread the word.

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