Cavidi launches novel platform technology – Exazym®

Cavidi launches novel platform technology –

Exazym® for ultra-sensitive detection of clinical biomarkers in immunodiagnostics

Cavidi Exazym®

Cavidi announced today it has launched the Exazym® signal generating technology to bring ultra-sensitive detection-levels to conventional immunodiagnostic assays. Cavidi Exazym® will enhance existing and future research, health screening, and diagnostics testing.

To showcase of the potential utility of Exazym®, we have demonstrated its ability to measure human anti-spike IgG antibodies, a biomarker for Sars-Cov-2 in serum samples. With its significantly enhanced sensitivity and simplicity, Exazym® can pave the way toward the discovery of new biomarkers for early disease diagnosis and improved health outcomes.

Exazym® technology summary:

Problem: Measuring low abundance of biomolecules, including proteins and nucleic acids, remains a critical challenge in many clinical diagnostic applications. While some clinical diagnostic measurement methods have made significant advances in sensitivity, there are still many potential disease biomarkers that exist in accessible biofluids at levels below the detection limits of these techniques. The failure to detect these biomarkers is seriously affecting the ability to treat these diseases in time.

Solution: To overcome these barriers, we have developed Cavidi Exazym®, a technology that can increase the performance of existing validated immunoassays to achieve down to attomolar (10-18) limits of detection using conventional immuno-analyzers. All this with low background noise. It is a simple added step that can be implemented on an existing assay cost-effectively.

Benefits: Cavidi Exazym® will allow the detection of biomarkers outside the range of current diagnostic tools and so allow doctors to initiate treatment before the onset of major disease.

Cavidi Exazym® technology is aimed at applications in a majority of therapeutic areas, including oncology, neurology, cardiology, inflammation, and infectious disease. In short , you can use Exazym® in immuno assays and get ultra-sensitivity without the high cost of dedicated instrumentation.

Cavidi AB is an Uppsala-based diagnostics company. Our technologies position Cavidi at the forefront of biomarker detection for disease areas where high sensitivity and precision are key. We draw on our over 30 years of experience expertise on Reverse-Transcriptase based immunoassays

For more information, contact:

John Reisky de Dubnic, CEO of Cavidi

+46 733 55 0145 (Sweden) | | Twitter | LinkedIn


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