Making precision diagnostics more accessible to researchers

Cavidi, the company behind Exazym® — the BOLD immunoassay signal amplifier

Any advanced diagnostic tool needs to offer cutting-edge sensitivity and selectivity. Exazym® does just that. Compared to standard ELISA, it delivers up to 100x the signal amplification and a 50x lower limit of detection. However, at Cavidi, we see that achievement as a starting point. Only after a test has achieved both high accuracy and high accessibility will it get top marks in our book.

Exazym® embodies this standard. It is a RUO reagent kit that can be added to any ELISA workflow using standard laboratory equipment, previously optimized ELISA antibody pairs, and established testing protocols. This enables rapid implementation without the need for extensive revalidation or new capital equipment. Exazym® adds just one additional step to your workflow that, in most cases, requires less than 30 minutes once the protocol is optimized to the improved Limit of Detection (LoD).

Our Vision and Mission

At Cavidi, we envision a world where every individual has access to healthcare that’s personalized, preventative, and precise. To accomplish that, our mission is to enable researchers like you by providing greater access to precision diagnostics. We are out to democratize detection by establishing Binding Oligo Ladder Detection (BOLD) as the world’s go-to ultra-sensitive ELISA amplification technology by 2030. That is why we encourage you to take advantage of this breakthrough technology to achieve new limits of detection in your research. 

Our Journey: From Concept to Global Solution

Cavidi was founded in 1984 by two virologists from Uppsala University in Sweden. The company’s initial focus was the application of reverse transcriptase in the in vitro detection of biomarkers for oncology and infectious diseases. Thus the name CAVIDI — CAncer and VIrus DIagnostics. The company succeeded in developing tests that could rival PCR in sensitivity yet required no specialized equipment or workflows.

Fast-forward 36 years and the Cavidi found itself in the midst of a new global pandemic. What started as the pursuit of a fast, easy, and reliable way to diagnose COVID-19 ended in the discovery of BOLD (Binding Oligo Ladder Detection) — a novel immunoassay signal booster that can be used to increase the sensitivity of virtually any type of immunoassay by a factor of up to 100X with minimal background noise. Branded Exazym®, it was successfully trialed on the SARS-CoV-2 virus and is now being applied to a number of challenging low-abundance biomarkers.

Today, the company is fully focused on bringing Exazym® and BOLD to a global audience through direct sales of RUO kits, licensing agreements with kit providers, and partnerships with companies providing various in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) applications for use in hospitals and clinics. Cavidi is determined to make Exazym® a staple in life science laboratories and establish BOLD as the world’s go-to immunoassay amplification technique. 

More than Kits

Cavidi’s commitment to research doesn’t end with our Exazym® kits. Cavidi goes beyond, offering bespoke collaboration services tailored to your research.  Amplify the signal of your existing immunoassays or pioneer new ones targeting your analytes of interest. 

Combining decades of biomarker experience with our proprietary BOLD technology, Cavidi’s services allow you to quantify biomarkers accurately in concentrations previously thought impossible to detect.

Your research deserves a partner who understands the intricacies and challenges you face. Cavidi’s custom collaboration allows you to leverage four decades of specialized experience in biomarker detection. We listen, adapt, and develop solutions that fit your exact needs – a truly customized approach to discovery. Our service-based model means you get the expertise and tailored solutions you need, when you need them, maximizing your budget and research effectiveness. Our goal is to empower you to achieve breakthroughs faster and with greater confidence.

Join Us 

Our story is not just about our products and services, it’s about the positive impact we aim to make in healthcare and in the lives of individuals worldwide. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Both Exazym® and Cavidi’s bespoke services offer researchers a pathway to faster, more accurate, and more accessible healthcare insights. Working together we will transform the landscape of disease detection and monitoring, making early screening, accurate diagnostics, and precision treatment strategies a reality for all.

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