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Highly sensitive reverse transcriptase (RT) based products and services for breakthrough virus research.

New assay development & optimization services

In addition to our standard RT Activity Kits, Cavidi also offers full service within assay development. Our services range from optimizing your existing assay to developing an assay for your target enzyme.

Do you need to boost an existing ELISA or help to develop an ultra-sensitive assay for your biomarker/protein? Cavidi can help you with our new, novel, ultra-sensitive BOLD amplification methodology. Just send in your needs via the form in Step 1 below and one of our expert highly-skilled scientist will contact you.

How our third-party development partnership works.

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Step 2: Pre study
  • Customer delivery:

Description of current Elisa

Need of improvement

  • Cavidi delivery:

Assessment of Exazym® compatibility

Proposed plan for Exazym® improvement

Project plan, timeline, resources & test strategy

Step 3: Project
  • Customer delivery:

Current Elisa protocol & reagents

  • Cavidi delivery:

Implementation of Exazym® Technology

Present results to customer

Step 4: License & Knowledge Transfer
  • Establish license agreement
  • Transfer of Exazym® technology to product development project at Customer

Viral titer measurement

Help improve the reproducibility of your experiments. Cavidi offers a range of validated Reverse Transcriptase assay kits for fast, easy, and accurate measurement of infectious viral titers.

RT Activity Kits

Cavidi offers five different kits for analysis of Reverse Transcriptase (RT) activity. In addition, there is the capability to custom develop kits tailored to specific needs.

The five RT Activity kits are based on a highly sensitive, non-radioactive ELISA-technique on a 96-well microtitre plate format. The kits can be used for either detection or quantification of RT activity.

Another application is screening for potential RT inhibitors. The five assays are optimized for RTs from different retroviruses and together cover all known types and subtypes.

RT Kit stock outs: We are experiencing production delays and supply shortages causing a back order situation due to COVID-19. Our RT Kit availability is limited and your order may be delayed. Minimum order quantity is required which may impact delivery times. We are working on solving these issues and thank you for your understanding.

Lenti RT Activity kit

For analyzing the activity of the enzyme RT from lentivirus.

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C-type RT Activity kit​

For analysis of C-type retrovirus RT activity: MuLV, PERV, FeLV, MLV and Spumavirus (Mn2+-)

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HS-Lenti RT Activity kit​

Analyze the activity of the enzyme reverse transcriptase (RT) from lentivirus with this kit.

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HS-Mn RT Activity kit

For analysis of Mn2+-dependent retrovirus RT activity.

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HS-Mg RT Activity kit​

The kit can be used for detection and quantification of retroviruses.

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