C-type RT Activity kit​ - Cavidi

Analyzing the activity of the enzyme RT from C-type retrovirus.

C-type RT Activity kit​

High sensitive RT assay

Optimized for C-type retroviruses:

  • Human T-cell leukaemia virus 
  • Avian leukosis 
  • Sarcoma viruses 
  • Salmon lymphoma virus

Key Features:
Based on a highly sensitive, non-radioactive ELISA-technique using 96-well microtitre plate format (2 plates included in the kit)

Measuring range:
0.04 to 100 mU/ml

The kit can be used for detection and quantification of the activity of the enzyme Reverse Transcriptase (RT) from Mn2+-dependent retroviruses such as Murine leukemia virus (MuLV), Porcine endogenous retrovirus (PERV), Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and Spumavirus. The measuring range of the assay is 0.04 to 100 mU/ml.

Microbiological safety of a novel bio-artificial liver support system based on porcine hepatocytes: a experimental study.

Authors: Han B, Shi XL, Zhang Y, Chu XH, Gu JY, Xiao JQ, Ren HZ, Tan JJ, Gu ZZ, Ding YT.

Journal: European Journal of Medical Research 2012, 17:13

Product usage: The RT activity was examined twice for all collected plasma samples. The results showed that the RT activity was limited to the plasma in the third circuit before and at 3 hours of treatment. RT activity was not detected in any the other samples including all dog plasma collected during and after the treatment.