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DNA Polymerase Assay kit

DNA Polymerase Assay kit

Highly accurate assay kit

Measure virtually any type of DNA polymerase activity, including:

  • Bacterial polymerase I
  • Bacterial polymerase III
  • Mammalian DNA polymerase ß
  • HIV reverse transcriptase second strand synthesis



Outstanding sensitivity on an easy to run platform

Measure virtually any type of DNA polymerase activity with Cavidi’s DNA Polymerase Assay Kit. The assay is non-radioactive and based on a 96-well microtitre plate format. Although technically simple to run, it provides highly accurate results with a detection range all the way down to 3nU E.coli DNA polymerase I.

We offer ready-made versions of the assay that are optimized for detection of bacterial polymerase I and III, mammalian DNA polymerase ß and and HIV reverse transcriptase second strand synthesis, among others. The assay can be further adapted for the detection of virtually any other viral and cellular DNA polymerase to meet the needs of your specific project.

There is an escalating need for new DNA polymerase inhibitors with the spread of not only HIV, but also resistant strains of bacteria and other microorganisms. Our assay is ideally suited for this research, as it can be applied for drug screening towards a broad range of microbial DNA polymerase isozymes, as well as for studies of toxicity of lead substances on mammalian polymerases. Our test has an outstanding sensitivity and is user-friendly.

The DNA Polymerase Assay Kit is not part of our normal production and is produced upon request. To use the test kit in your research, contact us at info@cavidi.se.


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