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RT activity kits

RT activity kits

For analysis of Reverse Transcriptase (RT) activity.

Cavidi offers five different kits for analysis of Reverse Transcriptase (RT) activity. In addition, there is the capability to custom develop kits tailored to specific needs.

Lenti RT Activity kit

For analyzing the activity of the enzyme RT from lentivirus.


C-type RT Activity kit​

Analyzing the activity of the enzyme RT from C-type retrovirus.


HS-Lenti RT Activity kit​

High sensitivity analysis of the enzyme RT from lentivirus.


HS-Mn RT Activity kit​

For high sensitive analysis of Mn2+- dependent retrovirus RT activity.


HS-Mg RT Activity kit​

For high sensitive analysis of Mg2+- dependent retrovirus RT activity.


The five RT Activity kits are based on a highly sensitive, non-radioactive ELISA-technique using 96-well microtitre plate format. The kits can be used for either detection or quantification of RT activity. Another application is screening for potential RT inhibitors. The five assays are optimized for RTs from different retroviruses and together cover all known types and subtypes.

Prostratin exhibits both replication enhancing and inhibiting effects on FIV infection of feline CD4+ T-cells.

Authors: Chan CH, McMonagle EL, Hosie MJ, Willett BJ

Journal: Virus Research. 2013, 171, 121–128

Product usage: Samples were stored at −80 °C until the end of the experiment at which time virus levels in the culture supernatants were measured by […] a non-isotopic reverse transcriptase activity assay (Lenti RT kit, Cavidi AB, Sweden) as per manufacturer’s instructions


Human serum protein enhances HIV-1 replication and up-regulates the transcription factor AP-1.

Authors: Perdomo MF, Hosia W, Jejcic A, Corthals GL, Vahlne A.

Journal: PNAS. 2012, 109(43), 17639–17644

Product usage: PBMC: 200,000 freshly isolated, phytohemagglutinine-stimulated PBMCs were infected with 200 TCID50 of the primary isolate and cultured with human plasma and 200 IU interleukin-2. Control wells were cultured in 10% FBS. All samples were measured in quadruplicates in the same plate and in three different plates. RT was quantified at days 7 and 11 postinfection using the RT activity kit (Cavidi).

Selected RT Activity Kits publications, year 2006 to 2013

PCT/EP00/05563 (WO 01/01129 A2)
Reverse transcriptase assay kit, use thereof and method for analysis of RT activity in biological samples.

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