XMRV Test Kit - Cavidi

XMRV Test Kit

Highly sensitive RT assay for the study of XMRV

Optimized to provide consistently accurate data on XMRV.

  • Highly sensitive
  • User-friendly
  • Consistently accurate

The Cavidi xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus (XMRV) Test Kit quantifies reverse transcriptase (RT) activity to provide consistently accurate data on XMRV. The kit is based on standard ELISA equipment for high accessibility. Beyond being highly sensitive, the kit is user-friendly, ensuring you get dependable data in the effort to better understand XMRV.

We developed the kit to meet a pressing need for greater knowledge of XMRV. First identified in 2006, recent research suggests XMRV could be linked to multiple serious conditions. One of these conditions is chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) – an affliction currently plaguing millions of people around the world. Further research is required to confirm XMRV’s connection to CFS.

Beyond chronic fatigue syndrome, preliminary research has also shown a potential link between XMRV and both prostate cancer and fibromyalgia. The Cavidi XMRV Test Kit provides researchers with an accessible and accurate tool in the effort to learn more about XMRV.