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In addition to our Exazym® Kits, we also offer expert research collaboration in low-abundance biomarker discovery and detection, and immunoassay development.

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Research Services and Collaborations

Cavidi’s commitment to research doesn’t end with our Exazym® kits. Cavidi goes beyond, offering collaboration services tailored to your research. Amplify the signal of your existing immunoassays or pioneer new ones targeting your analytes of interest.

Combining decades of biomarker experience with our proprietary BOLD technology, Cavidi’s services allow you to accurately quantify biomarkers in concentrations previously thought impossible to detect.

Your research deserves a partner who understands the complexity and challenges you face. Cavidi’s custom collaboration allows you to leverage four decades of specialized experience in biomarker detection. We listen, adapt, and develop solutions that fit your exact needs – a truly customized approach to discovery. Our service-based model means you get the expertise and tailored solutions you need, when you need them, maximizing your budget and research potential. Our goal is to empower your research, helping you achieve breakthroughs faster and with greater confidence.

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